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What are the 5 rules of juicing?

The 5 things to remember while juicing are -

1. Consume only liquids. Have only fresh juices. Do not have packaged juices. Also, no soups, fruits, tea or coffee are allowed during the fast.
2. Have the juice within 15 minutes of juicing as the oxidation process will reduce the number of nutrients.
3. Do not add condiments. Only allow coriander, mint and ginger are allowed to be added. Please refrain from adding lemon, salt, pepper, jaggery or ice to the juices.
4. Eat your liquids. Take your time to swish the juices in the mouth and mix with the saliva before swallowing. Do not gulp down the juices 
5. No pure fruit juices. While making a juice 80% vegetables should be used and only 20% fruit.