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Should I sunbathe even if I don't have a disease?

Yes, sunbathing will benefit you immensely whether you are suffering from a disease or not. The sun is the ultimate source of energy on our planet. No life can grow without the sun. 

Just like we take a normal bath to clean our external body, similarly, sunbathing is essential for the internal cleansing of our bodies. What do we do when rice or wheat in our kitchen catches worms? We put it under the sunlight. Why? Because sunlight works as a natural disinfectant and purifier. Similarly, when we expose our full body to the sun, it helps us get rid of all the accumulated toxins and waste in our bodies.

Apart from being a natural purifier, sunlight also has innumerable healing properties. It has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. When we sunbathe regularly, our body gets a chance to repair and rejuvenate the damaged and dead cells inside us.

Did you know?

In Germany, during World War 1, sunlight was used to treat wounds? Instead of bandaging injured soldiers, doctors would leave the soldiers with their open wounds under the sunlight for several hours to heal. Sunlight was used as an antiseptic to clean up the wound.

In Ancient Greece, they used heliotherapy. Patients, mostly children, were put in sunbeds for most of the day and were cured of diseases including rickets, burns, ulcers, and anemia.

In Italy, they made sunlit hospital rooms. Patients in these rooms healed much faster than rooms that did not receive sunlight.

Not only this, sunbathing helps us absorb nutrients from the food and strengthens our digestive fire, leading to better digestion and overall functioning of our body.
There is a reason why the Sun is revered as God in Indian culture. Our ancestors understood its importance in our lives and therefore, devised mantras and practices such as suryanamaskar to seek benefits & blessings from the sun.   

Unfortunately, our generation has neglected the significance of the sun in our lives and has started living an indoor life. No wonder we are suffering from various health problems these days. Lack of regular exposure to sunlight can cause problems like mental stress, weak joints, sleeping disorders, etc. Maybe you can't notice it now but lack of sunlight is affecting the natural functioning of our organs and causing them to weaken day by day.

Sunbathing or exposing your full body to the sun for 30 minutes every day can do wonders not just to your physical but also to your mental and emotional health.

To learn more about this practice, watch the following video.