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Can we discontinue the fast after the first day?

We recommend that you go through the whole 3-day fast with us to truly experience its deepest benefits. A fast can sometimes be uncomfortable, at least in some of its stages. The discomfort faced during a fast is actually a symptom of the body detoxing. 

To understand this better, let's take the example of an alcoholic. Most of us know that when an alcohol quits drinking, he will undergo something known as ‘withdrawal symptoms’. He may feel nauseous, headaches, upset or mentally irritated. This does not mean that he should drink alcohol or that alcohol is good for him. His body is simply taking time to adjust to the new developments. Once the withdrawal symptoms are over, his overall health will be much better. Similarly, many of us have become so used to food that we face withdrawal symptoms when we stop eating it.

We may feel -

It's important to know that these are temporary, of a brief duration and rarely severe. At that time, we have to learn to tolerate the symptoms & remember that this is all just the toxic filth making its way out of the body. After a few minutes, hours or days, they will disappear.

This is all representing a cleaning process as the body unloads its toxic burden. There’s nothing to worry about.

Here are the things you can do to get relief fast - 
- Please take proper rest and continue the fast
- If you have wet pack, apply it thrice a day 
- if you have enema, take the enema twice a day - once in the morning & once in the evening
- Sunbathe for 30 minutes every day (only in the light morning/evening sun)
- Do not consume any food

To understand all of these steps in detail, please watch this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZDgxv1plfw&t=210s

If you follow the above steps religiously, the body pain and detox symptoms will disappear and strength & abundant energy will return.

If the problem persists for too long or causes extreme discomfort, please contact us by clicking on the medical emergency button