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Is it beneficial to fast on Ekadashi?

Yes, fasting on Ekadashi is highly beneficial indeed. Our saints and sages have told the importance of fasting in all our scriptures. Hinduism talks about fasting on days such as Amavasya, Pudnima, Ekadashi, Janmashthmi, Shivratri, Karvachoth, Mondays,Tuesdays, Fridays, Navratri, etc.

In Hindi, fasting is called Upwaas. Up means ‘close’ and ‘waas’ means ‘staying’, which means, ‘staying close to God.’ During fasting, our Vital Force is closest to the Ultimate Force.

The human physiology goes through a cycle called a mandala, which repeats approximately every 40-48 days. In this cycle, 3 specific days, which may vary from individual to individual and may not be equally spaced, will arise when your body does not demand food. These are the days of Ekadashi. 

If you can consciously identify these days in your life and follow a proper fasting routine through them, you can gain a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefits.