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Can I add chilli and salt to my salad after breaking the fast?

No. We must not add salt or spices to our fruits and salads. The first day of breaking the fast is very important and should be done carefully.

General principles to be followed:

The human need for salt and mineral salt is compensated for in radish, spinach and different types of vegetables and fruits.

As soon as we add salt to raw salads and fruits, they release water. There is no benefit of eating fruits that have salt added to them. This reaction of salt is also present in juices, but we cannot feel it. Some people say that drinking the juice that is released in the plate by salads is beneficial. That is not true. A person does not get his energy back by drinking his own blood. That is why it is harmful to add salt to fruits and juice.

 Please go through the detailed guidelines for breaking the fast properly on the 3rd day of the webinar.