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Can I break the fast with fruit juice?

No, we do not recommend having pure fruit juices. Please break the fast with light fruits. Remember, knowing how to break the fast is more important than the fast.

Any fast should be broken very very gradually. To understand why, let's take an example. When you start a car, you first have to put it on the 1st gear, then 2nd gear, then 3rd gear, and then the 4th gear. If you put the car suddenly on the 4th gear, it will be a shock to the system and the engine will fail. Same way, when you start eating after a fast, you first have to put your body on the 1st gear, then 2nd, then 3rd, and finally the 4th.

The first gear = light, water-rich fruits
The 2nd gear = vegetables/salads
The 3rd gear = grains (roti, rice, pulses, legumes, etc)

Hence, after a fast you should consume fruits, followed by salads and then finally, grains.

Please follow the detailed guidelines for breaking the fast properly at the end of 3 days here.