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Do I need to rest while fasting?

Yes, rest is a great addition to a fast. When you fast, your praanshakti gets fully engaged in healing and detoxification. If you perform any excessively exertive work, do heavy workouts or take mental stress, the fast till not be effective, because your praanshakti will quit healing and shift towards handling the exertion or stress.

It is very important to take rest during a fast. There are 4 types of rests your body needs during a fast - 

  1. Physical Rest
    It is important you get sound sleep at night. Please go to bed early. The maximum healing happens during 9 AM and 12 AM. If you face any detox symptoms (fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness, laziness, nausea) please take rest in the afternoon as well. Also, avoid very heavy exertive workouts during a fast. Instead, do light yoga or brisk walking.
  2. Sensory Rest
    Overusing gadgets such as computers, laptops or mobile phones causes harm to our senses. During a fast, it's not only important to give rest to your body, but also to your 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste & touch). Apart from the webinars, avoid using your mobile phones or computer screens.

  3. Mental Rest
    Fasting is absolutely useless if you're doing it in a state of stress, tension, anger, hatred, distrust, discontent, greed or violence. It is very important to give your mind also rest while on a fast. Bring your mind at peace by chanting, meditation, listening to kirtans, worshipping, associating with good company and studying the scriptures. 

  4. Physiological Rest
    This means giving rest to your internal organs - your stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver, gall bladder, etc. When you stop eating, the workload of these organs is automatically reduced, thus providing physiological rest.