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Do I need to restart my medication once I break my fast

Yes. Please restart your medication once you break the fast.

After these 3 days, please follow the entire Satvic lifestyle religiously. 

If you follow the complete Satvic lifestyle religiously, we recommend gradually giving up your thyroid/bp/diabetes/hairfall/skin problems/acne medication completely over a course of a few months. First, have your medicine as it is and follow Satvic lifestyle. After few weeks, reduce your medication by half. Slowly, 1/4th your medication. If you feel well and face no withdrawal symptoms, you may quit your medication altogether.

Please remember - you may only reduce your medication if you follow the Satvic food & lifestyle, which includes 16 hours fasting, wet pack, enema, satvic diet, exercise and sunbathing.

We always recommend consulting your medical doctor before making any changes to the prescribed dosage.