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How often should I take enema?

During a 3-day fast, we recommend taking an enema every day.

Let's understand why enema is so effective during a fast.

Our intestines are the dumping ground of the body. When the body starts the cleansing process by fasting, all the waste stuck in the interiors of the body starts making its way out. The waste from the organs comes and dump itself to the nearest channel of elimination - which is the large intestine. So while fasting, the intestine becomes heavily encumbered with toxins. It is very important to cleanse the intestines through enemas. We have seen cases where even after a 9-day juice fast, upon taking an enema, a lot of stool coming out of a person's intestine. They haven’t eaten since the past 9 days. So where is all this smelly, dark-coloured stool coming out from? This is the old focal matter than been stuck & rotting inside the intestines since many years. 

How often should we take enema if we are not fasting?

We recommend that once you start following the satvic lifestyle, take enema once every day for 21 days (take only 200ml of water at a time). This is to ensure a master cleanse of the intestines to get rid of all the waste that has accumulated inside over a lifetime of wrong food and lifestyle. This should be only a one-time cleanse. 

After 21 days, do not take it everyday. Take it only once a week (to ensure that if any toxins start getting accumulated, they are immediately flushed out of the body). Also, if you are suffering from an acute disease or detox symptom (cold, cough, fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, inflammation), take enema twice everyday to aid the praanshakti in its cleansing work.