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Can we have coffee during the fast?

We strictly do not recommend drinking coffee during the fast. If you drink coffee, you will not be able to reap the full benefit from the fasting. 

Let's understand why. 

Coffee is a powerful stimulant. If you drink coffee for five days, on the sixth day, the coffee commands you - drink! After that there is no choice. You become addicted. 

Just 1 cup of coffee in the morning and everything seems bright and clear. But if you drink it everyday, after a few days you will notice that if you drink coffee, two hours later you will get a headache. You have to drink another cup of coffee to fix that. If you don't get it, you will feel your hands tremble. This means that it is definitely causing some harm to your system. Experiment and see for yourself. 

You should not be a slave to anything, whether it is tea, coffee, alcohol or a cigarette. Learn to live consciously. You should do what you do from your own choice, and not by the compulsion of some object or food. 

Secondly, coffee leaches out the grease from your bones. If you keep drinking coffee, you will soon develop some or the other pain in your body - join pain, back pain, knee pain.

So please immediately quit coffee. If you have been drinking it for many years then yes, you may face detox symptoms (such as headache) in the beginning. Tolerate them. Apply the cold wet pack (explained in our videos) on your stomach, head and neck. That will give you relief. By the 4th day, the headache will completely subside and your body will start using your real inner energy, instead of the false sense of energy obtained by the coffee.