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Do I have to stick to the recipes of the juice you have provided? Can I make my own recipes?

You do not necessarily need to stick to the juice recipes we provided. The juice recipes and schedule we provided is ideal for Indian conditions, considering the seasonality, cost and availability of vegetables.

You can use any vegetables that are freely available to you. Please make sure of the following points - 

1) Have maximum vegetable juices throughout the day. Minimise your intake of fruit juices (not more than 1 glass of fruit juice per day). You can add little fruit like apples to your green juices, to make them appetising. But remember, vegetables are superior to fruits in a juice fast. 

2) Make sure whatever fruits / vegetables you use are seasonal. Out of season produce tends to have more chemicals and pesticides. 

3) Have at least 1-2 green juices in a day. You can make green juices with any green vegetables such as celery, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, etc.