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Can I consume supplements / vitamin pills / calcium tablets during a fast?

We do not recommend any sort of supplements. Mother Nature has given us all the nutrients and supplements we need in vegetables and fruits. When you juice and drink these vegetables and fruits, you automatically get the purest form of nutrition. You may be surprised to know that during a juice fast, you are actually getting much more nutrition than on a normal day.

Supplements are a 40 billion dollar industry today. If the doctors had not brought a fear of deficiencies and in us, nobody would be buying such expensive bottles of pills. 

Instead of spending your money on worthless supplements, spend your money on the right food and build the right lifestyle habits. 

In order to absorb the nutrition from your food, you need to sunbathe every day for about 30 minutes and keep fasting from time to time (in order to increase the nutrition absorption capability of your stomach).