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Where will I get protein during a juice fast?

What is protein? Why are we always running after it? Look, protein is a building block for our body. It's job is to build. Build muscles, build tissue, build cells. It's essential for people who need this building - for example athletes (because their muscles are going through constant wear and tear) and kids (if their height is growing). But most adults are already fully built and dont need much protein.  Please remember - excess of protein is a much bigger problem than not getting enough. Most modern day diseases are actually caused due to a protein overdose. 

You don't need to worry about protein. You will get it sufficiently from the many fruits and vegetables you’re juicing. 

So, don't worry about these man-manufactured terms like protein, calcium, etc. The power of fasting is far greater than we can imagine. Fasting gives us the most important element that most of us lack - Ether Element :)