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Can children fast?

If the child is below 7 years of age, it is not recommended to do a full juice fast. However, a child below 7 can do a partial fast wherein he/she fasts on only fruits (instead of juices the whole day). 

If child is above 7 years of age, there is absolutely no problem doing a juice fast. In fact, the child will greatly benefit from a 3-day juice fast. Just make sure the child is drinking at least 5-6 glasses of juices throughout the day.

Also remember, fasting should be resorted to in cases of urgent necessity (acute diseases) in the cause of children. Children lack desire for food when they are ill. If a child is experiencing gas, has enlarged tonsils, diarrhoea, fever, he will express no demand for food. The instinctive wisdom of the infant or child in such matters is far greater than we can possibly guess. 

They should be permitted to skip a meal or several meals, as circumstances warrant, and no effort should be made to force or coax them. Leave the child alone when he refuses food. It is certain that he will become hungry within a reasonable time and will demand food. Abstinence from food is surest the best appetiser available.

Mothers should know that it's not an act of kindness on their part to feed a sick child. Food should always be withheld in stomach & intestinal diseases.