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I'm currently underweight, should I also fast?

Yes, you should still fast. 

People who are underweight do no not need more food, but a better capacity to digest and assimilate their food.

Food & nutrition are not synonymous. One is not nourished to the amount of food ingested, but in proportion to how much one digests and assimilates. One is not underweight due to lack of food, but due to an impairment in health. What such people need is not more food, but a properly functioning de-toxified system to be able to digest & absorb the food. Given this, they will have no difficulty in gaining weight.

Because fasting results in increasing the nutrition absorption power of an individual, it enables underweight people to gain weight where everything else fails. Naturally, they lose weight during a fast, but they regain more after the fast is broken than they lose during the fast.

The period of rest to the digestive system provided by the fast, results in better digestion, better nutrient absorption and more economical use of food.

After a fast, the tissues are more receptive to food elements and readily assimilate and utilise vitamins, minerals & proteins, even in individuals who failed to do so before.

Paradoxical as it may appear, the weakest people often derive the most benefit from a fast. Weakness, in most cases, is not due to a lack of food, but a toxic state of the body