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I'm facing a cold / cough during the fast. What should I do?

Remember, cold and cough are both happy diseases. They are detox symptoms. They are good signs. If you have one of these, it is a sign that your praanshakti started the cleansing process inside. 

Why do we get a cold/cough during the fast?
The praanshakti opens up the channels of elimination (nose / mouth) to get rid of the excess mucus stuck inside. It is praanshakti's way of maintaining cleanliness inside the body.

Please do not worry about them. They are Nature's Cleansing Processes.

Here are the things you can do to get rid of the cold/cough fast - 
- Please take proper rest and continue the fast
- If you have wet pack, apply it thrice a day
- If you have an enema, take the enema twice a day - once in the morning & once in the evening
- Sunbathe for 30 minutes every day (only in the light morning/evening sun)
- Do not consume any food or medicines.

To understand all of these steps in detail, please watch this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZDgxv1plfw&t=210s

You will see that the problem will automatically go within 2-4 days, once it has achieved it's purpose of detoxification.