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What if I don’t have access to the vegetables and fruits you mentioned?

You can prepare juices with just about any available vegetables.

We shared an ingredient and recipe list which is most ideal and recommended during a 3 day fast, but you can buy whatever is available for you. 

Please read the following points carefully:

1) It is not important to drink special juice or the right juice. The basic rule is - vegetable juices are better than fruits juices. Amongst vegetable juices - green juice and ashgourd juice are the best. 

2) Fasting is powerful, not because of the juices we drink, but because we give our digestive system a break from solid food. Just make sure you keep your fruit juice intake to a minimum - not more than one glass of fruit juice a day. 

3) Cucumber and bottle gourd are two ingredients which have a lot of juice and are easily available. So for those who cannot find ash-gourd, or coconut water or anything else on the list, do not worry! Have cucumber juice or bottle gourd juice.