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Can I add pineapple to my juice?

We do not recommend having fruit juices throughout the 3-day fast. It is best to stick to vegetable juices only

You may add a small quantity of pineapple to you juice once a day if you wish, but no more.

Fruits are sweet in nature. When they are juiced, the fibre is removed and the natural sugar gets concentrated in the juice. Fibre allows for slow and controlled digestion of sugar. Without the fibre, the sugar will enter the bloodstream too quickly, putting undue pressure on the pancreas to release a lot of insulin to stabilize the high sugar levels. 

Only to make the juice fasting easier for you, we allow you to have one glass of fruit juice per day. If you can do without it, that will be the best :)

If you consume too much fruit juice during the fast, the pancreas will get overworked and it’s functioning can be damaged. Vegetable juices are much better to be consumed during a fast than fruit juices, since they barely contain sugar.

In case of diabetes, strictly avoid fruit juice and coconut water and stick to only vegetable juices throughout the day.